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Top 7 Magical Moments for the Dance Industry in 2015!

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The year 2015 was an impactful year for the dance industry. Dancers are now paving their own way into the spotlight! There were many moments this year that were huge staples for dance. Those moments proved that our position in the entertainment industry is much more than just a couple of eight counts. They proved that our voices and talents can take us far beyond what many dancers thought could never be accomplished. It's happening all around us! Here are the top seven magical moments that helped change the way the WORLD views the dance industry: 1. David Moore and...

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How To Change in 2016 and NEVER Go Back

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Change.   It’s scary stepping into uncharted territory in our lives. Our bodies, our minds, and our souls want to reject everything that is foreign to us. How can you change when you are your own worst enemy?   And how do you make it stick? How do you stay changed? For some of us, it’s easy when something excites you or even scares you into doing better. Into changing. But then a week later, the hype dies and we are back to our old selves. Unchanged and waiting for next year.   I have definitely been there. I struggled...

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Teaching at the Biggest Dance Camp in The World

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Early this summer I had the amazing opportunity to teach at one of the biggest dance camps in the world. It also happened to be in my number one dream destination in the world, RIO DE JANEIRO. Dream after dream has come true me. I feel so blessed. Who knew this would be possible when I started. I didn't.  Check the recap below.  Rio H2K 2015 Preparem seus corações e revivam conosco os melhores momentos do Rio H2K 2015!Depois, nos contem o que acharam nos comentários! Queremos saber se somos os únicos que ficamos sem palavras..*Versão disponível para celular#RioH2K2015 #ChegaLogoRioH2K2016----------Prepare...

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Website Launch!

Hey everyone! Today is my birthday and I am so excited for this year because I know year 27 is gonna be it. I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to stop by and visit my website and I look forward to sharing some exciting things happening in the near future! (Including my new line of apparel that I have shared glimpses of) I have began a whole new journey. Same me but just a different level. Stay tuned :)

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