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Teaching at the Biggest Dance Camp in The World

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Early this summer I had the amazing opportunity to teach at one of the biggest dance camps in the world. It also happened to be in my number one dream destination in the world, RIO DE JANEIRO. Dream after dream has come true me. I feel so blessed. Who knew this would be possible when I started. I didn't. 
Check the recap below. 
Rio H2K 2015

Preparem seus corações e revivam conosco os melhores momentos do Rio H2K 2015!Depois, nos contem o que acharam nos comentários! Queremos saber se somos os únicos que ficamos sem palavras..*Versão disponível para celular#RioH2K2015 #ChegaLogoRioH2K2016----------Prepare your hearts and relive with us the best moments of Rio H2K 2015!Let us know what you thought about it! We want to know if we were the only ones speechless with it..*Avaliable for mobile

Posted by Rio Hip Hop Kemp on Friday, August 28, 2015

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