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Top 7 Magical Moments for the Dance Industry in 2015!

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The year 2015 was an impactful year for the dance industry. Dancers are now paving their own way into the spotlight! There were many moments this year that were huge staples for dance. Those moments proved that our position in the entertainment industry is much more than just a couple of eight counts. They proved that our voices and talents can take us far beyond what many dancers thought could never be accomplished. It's happening all around us! Here are the top seven magical moments that helped change the way the WORLD views the dance industry:

1. David Moore and THE BOT BOYS

David Moore put together an incredible routine with a couple of dancing bros on the ever so popular hover boards. His routine featured 5 male dancers, riding around to Justin Bieber’s epic track, “What Do You Mean”. Moore’s video went viral and the rest was history. David Moore and the Bot Boys have since been featured on Good Morning America, performed live at Times Square, and traveled across the world. With millions of views, they proved to the world that we can dance with (and on) just about anything!

2. Parris Goebel, and Purpose the Movement

Parris Goebel, a world-known choreographer from New Zealand, took the world by storm when she directed and choreographed “Purpose: The Movement” music videos. Teaming up with Justin Bieber, Goebel grabbed the media’s attention with her first project to Bieber’s hit track “Sorry”. Her hip, “Polyswagg” routine gained millions of views on YouTube within days. From there, she worked closely with Bieber to keep the momentum and put together the rest of the movement to his entire album. Using many different and diverse dancers, combined with the most creative visions, Goebel created something that has helped put the art of choreography on another level. Her brilliant work is featured on Bieber's Vevo channel on YouTube if you haven’t already seen it!

3. Willdabeast Adams

Many people know Willdabeast Adams from his viral class videos, as well as his powerful and dynamic dance company “ImmaBEAST”. 2015 was such a great year for Will. His class video to Beyonce’s “Upgrade You” was the first choreography video to gain more views than the artist’s own music video. I mean WOW! What an accomplishment! He also started his own convention, “BuildaBEAST”, which had over 800 dancers, from 22 different countries in attendance. He brought dancers the opportunity to learn from 20 amazing guest choreographers. He gained national attention and gave dancers from all over the world a taste of dance from each choreographer’s hearts. Did I mention this was his FIRST year with the convention? Such a huge accomplishment and success. We can’t wait to see what he brings this year.

4. Fatima Robinson

From music videos, to Grammy’s, to Dreamgirls the movie, to becoming a performance producer with NBC, Robinson has been a headlined choreographer for many years. This year, she blew all of that out of the park by teaming up with NBC and helped set their 3rd live musical “the WIZ”. NBC loved what she did with the musical and loved her story so much that they thought the public needed to hear it. NBC is shedding light on Fatima’s life to a create a new and hot dance drama. Set in the early 90’s in Los Angeles, it will be inspired by Fatima’s early years as a dancer and an up-and-coming choreographer. This is a show you'll want to tune into! This is a huge success for one of our own being the first to get her own television show on a huge network!

5. Chachi's World

Chachi Gonzales, famous for her work with her crew I.aM.mE on MTV’s “Americas Best Dance Crew”, just landed herself her own billboard! The billboard shows Gonzales holding the globe above her head. Teaming up with DanceOn Network, its advertisement is for her show on go90 called “Chachi’s World.” Her billboard is located in North Hollywood, California, right in the arts district off of Lankershim Blvd. Next time you are walking or driving on Lankershim, look for her and see if you can spot her billboard!

6. “AdultLessons”

Ian Eastwood is one of the dance industry's youngest and most sought out choreographers in today's game. His innovative work has brought Eastwood many awards and accomplishments. But that was just the beginning. On Wednesday, December 16th, Eastwood released the world’s first ever dance mixtape called “AdultLessons”. Via DatPiff, fans can download the mixtape and watch for free. If you have not seen it, now is the time! Dance is changing, we no longer have limits, and Ian Eastwood just went to infinity and beyond with this masterpiece.

7. Lil Buck and Versace

Who said dancers can't have a successful clothing line? Lil Buck went against all odds and did just that. The 27-year-old was approached by Versace to collaborate with them and create a new sneaker. They called it “Pegasus” for his love of Greek Mythology. Lil Buck felt this went well with the Versace Legacy. Lil Buck also created three different T-shirt designs with Versace, implementing Versace’s Greek key. His work was put onto the market on October 30th. This marked the first ever time in history that a professional dancer got to work with a major clothing label and have their merchandise out for sale. Be sure to check it out!


As you can see, 2015 was a year of beating the odds, innovating new ideas, and bringing dancers to the forefront. It was such an amazing year for the dance community, and thanks to these special individuals, dancers can now begin to look forward towards many other amazing opportunities. They helped pave a way for the world to view dance in a bigger light. Now that 2015 is over, what is next? Who will be next to show the world that the dance industry has more to offer? Will it be you? Will it be your favorite dancer or choreographer? I guess we will just have to wait and find out!


Written by: Donovan Gibbs

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  • Kathleen on

    You are absolutely flawless in your dancing. My daughter has the gift of dance however living in a small town she does not have the expertise of great choreographer nearby. I asked her how she would like a skype session with you and her comment, “I want it to be in person”. Looks like we are planning a trip to CA this summer

  • Stacy Jordan on

    Antoine Troupe I LOVE YOUR WORK! I Will be 42 in August, and also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which affects mobility tremendously. In spite of both of those details, your choreography is so fluid, that ,I am able to execute in spite of. Thanks. You restored my confidence on my body and it’s ability to perform. What you do is important and appreciated.

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